Back at it, or, at least, taking a break from Cheetos

It’s been almost a month since I updated this thing, and today I had my very first run in almost 3 weeks!

While on vacation in paradise I didn’t work out at all. I actually stepped on a conch shell on my very first day and gashed the bottom of my foot pretty good. I also smashed my toe into a large rock (also on the first day, and yes alcohol may have been a factor), so I used that as an excuse to drink and eat.

Last week I did nothing in terms of exercise. I jumped right back into work and went out on Friday night, which led to a binge eating session of burgers, chips, and Cheetos on Saturday (I feel repulsed typing that). So after recovering on Sunday and feeling better today, I decided I had to do something.

So, even though it was raining and besides the longer days, it still feels like February here on the island, I braved the rain and went for a jog. I didn’t go too far – just did a nice and easy 6K. I had to stop a few times to catch my breath, and it was a bit of a struggle to get back into a rhythm mentally, buy physically I felt good. My quad, as of right now, feels fine, and other then some vague, general soreness, I’m feeling pretty good. I even had a spinach salad for dinner (although I am drinking a beer right now. Out of boredom. Boredom.)

So here’s the plan. Because my quad prevented me from training before my vacation I’ve decided I’m skipping the 35K race I was supposed to do May long weekend. There are a few reasons I’ve decided to do this: I don’t have enough time to properly train and possibly avoid injury; I am now moving a month earlier than I thought; and between the move and my current work commitments, I won’t have time to properly train until May.

So here’s my plan: run and workout when I can for the rest of April and come May 1, get right back into a full on training regiment. That gives me 3-months and a few weeks to get ready for 50K, which was ultimately what I wanted to complete this year. So although I do feel guilty missing out on the 35K, I really don’t want to risk being injured. At this point, I am more confident in my mental ability then I am on my physical. So I’d rather take the time to develop my training.

I am worried. I did have some doubt today. This year is going by a lot faster than I anticipated (like it always does), but I am dedicated to doing this. I just want a finish and if that means crawling on all hands and knees while hallucinating the sweet taste of Cheetos – so be it.



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