So It Begins – TRAINING – 100 Days Until 50K!

Technically there are 108 days until I tackle the Squamish 50K race. That means I have approximately 100 days of solid training remaining.

I started my serious training yesterday – I ran about 6K – I felt OK. It was a mix of trail and pavement with a few decent hills. The run wasn’t terrific, but that’s to be expected after almost two months off (with very intermittent workouts in there). However, I’m excited to jump right into training and I had a really solid gym session today that already has my quads feeling sore. The plan tomorrow is to run Elk Lake and try and do 10K (albeit, a very slow paced 10K) – then I’ll take a rest and see where my body is at.

I’ve been thinking about my training plan for the next three months and a bit and this is what I’ve come up with (of course, subject to change).

Every week I am going to increase my longest run distance by two KM. Starting with 10-12 K this week. Ideally, I’ll be able to run 30+K on the trails by the end of July, and I want to be climbing at least 6,000 feet by the end of this. I’m also pretty sure I am going to hire a personal trainer for the month of June to really help whip me into shape (I’ll talk about this more in a future post if all works out).

I’m still sussing out what my diet is going to be, but roughly, based off my research and what I know my body likes, I’m going to be primarily consuming a high-fat, high-protein diet. This means lots of chicken, eggs, and avocados. My hopes are that this will help take some of the weight off, and keep me strong as I’m going to be avoiding most carbs (I’ll still be consuming rice and potatoes before big runs). I also plan to have a cheat day once every week or so, but I might try and time that a night before a big run. I’ll obviously be trying my best to limit my consumption of beer and alcohol (always an uphill battle, alas, I’m going to do my best!).


I also ordered some new trail running shoes, which I am incredibly stoked to try out (I went with the Solomon Speedcross 4 – not the BEST out there, but certainly a huge upgrade from my entry-level New Balance trail runners that are already starting to show wear).

My biggest concern going into training is figuring out what to eat and drink to keep my body fueled and hydrated for potentially 10+ hours, while exercising, in one day. But one step at a time, and for now the plan is to build a strong base over the month of May and think of the more daunting tasks closer to June.

Overall, I’m really excited and for the first time in months, I feel really focused and motivated. This is one of biggest challenges and goals I want to complete this year, so I’m going to give it my all. I’m not so much worried about the mental aspect of the race; I’m more worried about getting injured like I did in the 25K and/or having my body shut down due to lack of fuel and/or hydration. So if anyone reading this has done an Ultra, I am all about suggestions when it comes to well, anything!

Thanks for reading and I promise to get back to my humorous, self-deprecating self soon. Right now I’m jumping back into things and focusing on becoming better, stronger, and more adept. They’ll be failures, they’ll be roadblocks, but I will persevere… Stay tuned!





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