Yes, I have been running! 40 days and counting…

Yes! I have, in fact, been training. I just haven’t had a ton of time to sit down and document it.

Okay, so I am about 40 days away from the big 50K race in Squamish. That means I have approximately a month left of training. And, honestly – I think it’s going pretty well.

Last Sunday’s run!

I did my biggest run to date this past weekend – 4hrs of climbing and descending for a total of 21.5K. During the run, I actually wanted to keep going, but I also don’t want to risk an injury at this point, so I convinced myself to call it. The Squamish course actually has almost twice as much elevation gain, so I’ll have to get at least a couple of other big climbing runs in before the big day.

But ultimately, the run went well. Food wise my body seems to agree with these soft Clif Blok Energy Chews that I’ve been getting from Front Runners. These are my go to while I am actually on the trail. The Strawberry, Salty-Watermelon, and surprisingly, the Margarita ones are delicious. Each Blok consists of roughly 200 calories and I went through three in 4 hours (I could have easily eaten a couple of more, but I ran out. I will make sure that doesn’t happen during the race, trust me).

Homemade aid station!

I also used the trunk of my car as an aid station and only stopped there once to refill water and Gatorade and quickly devour a bagel with cream cheese.  My goal during the race will be to chow down on carbs at every aid station and keep the Bloks in my running vest. Fluid wise I am going to load up my two-liter bladder in the back of my vest, refilling it at every station, and I’ve ordered some F2C Glyco-Durance to replace the Gatorade (my trainer, Nick, turned me on to this. The stuff is delicious and I’ve ordered the Strawberry-Kiwi one).

So all I really need is some compression shorts, some more body glide (going through that stuff at a ridiculous rate), fresh supply of band-aids, and a change of clothes for the drop bag at the halfway mark. I also need to fix a small leak in one of my nutrition bottles, but other than that I’m pretty well prepped for race day. I just have to make sure not to get hurt or sick in the next month and I think I’ll be fine.

Physically I felt pretty decent after the big run on Sunday. My quads are still a little tight and my calves are a little sore, but considering the time and elevation I did, I feel pretty good. I even got in a 10k road run today. So, for now, everything is good.

I plan to write something of a little more substance soon, but for now, I got to rest and get ready for another training session tomorrow!

Onward and upward!


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